EggerSeal Installation Kits and Adhesives

EggerSeal waterproof sealant and adhesive

  • Not just for jointing: can also be used to fix splashbacks/upstands
  • Colour matched to worktops, splashbacks and upstands to give a seamless finish
  • Create a waterproof sealant bead between panel and worktop
  • Toughened polymer technology

Egger worktops have a 10 year guarantee when fitted using EggerSeal adhesive in conjunction with the Fitting Guide (provided in the installation kit).

There are three options for installing Egger worktops:

  1. Worktop Installation Kits (options including and excluding 20g EggerSeal tube)
  2. 20g EggerSeal tube (customers can source their own bolts and jointing biscuits)
  3. 290ml EggerSeal cartridge (customers can source their own bolts and jointing biscuits and also use this large cartridge for other adhesive applications e.g. splashbacks and upstands)

The 10 year guarantee offer applies as long as the worktop is fitted using EggerSeal following the fitting guidelines. Customers do not have to use bolts/jointing biscuits supplied by Egger.

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