Link-S Wireless PIR & Receiver

PIR Sensor and Receiver

The Wireless PIR Sensor is the latest wireless product from the Link-S range, offering motion triggered lighting without having multiple cables to hide. The discreet sensor can be easily mounted to any surface with the included mounting bracket and once installed will sense any motion within three metres to trigger the lighting.

The product functions alongside a receiver that plugs into the LED driver. Simply plug the lighting into the receiver and the sensor will trigger the lighting when motion is detected.

  • Control all connected lights via a proximity sensor
  • Activates lights on opening of a cupboard or entry of a room
  • 1-3 metre activation zone
  • Automatically switches off the lights after 3 minutes if no movement detected
  • Includes bracket for surface mounting of the sensor
  • Available as a kit including the wireless receiver and sensor, in addition to single sensors which are sold separately
  • One receiver can support up to 4 sensors to ensure there are no blind spots in detection
  • Can be retrofitted to a LED Driver
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