Sigma 2 LED Flexible Strip

An innovative bendable flexible strip that handles corners with ease.

  • A unique PCB board cut in a ‘zig-zag’ shape provides superb flexibility allowing the light strip to bend around a corner
  • Can be bent around 90 degree corners without the need for corner cables or starting a new run of strip
  • The entire reel can be used with cut marks indicated every 50mm avoiding wastage
  • Cut sections can be re-utilised with the joining clips and leads (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Sensio single-colour receiver to enable dimming functionality
  • Supplied with 3M VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape backing for secure installation
  • IP20 rated - protected against solid objects over 12mm (e.g. fingers)
  • Supplied in a 5m reel
  • Kits include a 30W driver
  • Driver Connection Cable SE970850 is required to run the Sigma 2 (sold separately)
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