Lighting Sensors

Cannon Cabinet Swipe Sensor Switch

Cannon Cabinet Swipe Sensor Switch

  • Can be used with 12V & 24V products (without an integrated sensor).
  • Works as an on/off switch for these fittings.
  • Mount inside a cabinet - open door to activate light.
  • Mount under cabinet - lights are activated when a hand passes before the sensor.
  • Can be surface mounted or recessed into a pelmet.

Moda LED Dimming Sensor Switch

  • Multi-functional product; use as a dimmer, on/off switch or in-cabinet on/off switch.
  • Use with any 12V or 24V Sensio product (without an integrated sensor).
  • Aluminium effect finish.

Infra-Red Swipe Sensor Switch

  • Swipe hand past the sensor to activate lights.
  • Can be used with; 12V, 24V or 240V fittings.
  • Suitable to use with the majority of Sensio fittings.
  • The motion sensor detects body heat motion and automatically switches the lights on or off.
  • High wattage of 250W means the sensor will run a large number of fittings.

In-Cabinet IR Door Sensor Switch

  • Detection range of 5-10cm. Recess into internal shelves in wall units or wardrobes.
  • Can be used with; 12V, 24V or 240V fittings which do not have an integrated switch or sensor.
  • High wattage of 250W means the sensor will run a large number fittings.
  • All connected lights will switch on once the door opens as the sensor detects that the door is no longer blocking its path and they'll be switched off once the door is closed.
  • Very discreet switching option, ideal for darker furniture.

In Cabinet PIR Sensor Switch

  • Discreet in-cabinet motion sensor switch
  • Works as on/off switch for lighting installed inside cabinets or wardrobes
  • Dial on front of sensor allows user to select how long the lights will stay on for (from 10 seconds to 3 minutes)
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