Link-S Wireless PIR

Link-S Receiver | Magnet | Reed Switch

The Link-S Receiver, Magnet and Reed Switch is a solution to control lighting wirelessly through the opening and closing of doors. The magnet and reed switch are suitable for mounting on any door and frame/surround: opening the door will send a signal to the receiver to trigger the lighting. The magnet and reed switch are easily installed with 3M transfer tape and the small size of the components ensures a discreet appearance. The Link-S Receiver can control multiple lights within a kitchen, which means no more fumbling for switches in the dark, and no more wasted energy when forgetting to turn the lights off.

  • Cost Effective Solution (No electrical installation required)
  • Ideal for Wardrobe and Kitchen Cabinets

Link-S Smart Controller

The Link-S Smart Controller is the perfect solution for controlling the lighting temperature of any kitchen. Its robust, lightweight design features multi-functional controls that enable the user to choose the desired colour temperature. The integrated PIR features a day/night sensor which can control multiple lights.

  • Compatible with Sensio dimmer and DuoFlex receivers
  • 15m Range (remote), 2.5m range (PIR sensor)
  • Variable dimmer to find the perfect light level
  • Controls the full spectrum of colour temperature
  • On/Off Remote switch
  • Integrated PIR with day/night sensing
  • Will switch off lights if no movement is detected - in programmable increments of 16/180/600 seconds
  • The magnetic bracket ensures easy fastening and removal of the Smart Controller
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