Primo 5M Clip LED Flexible Strip

Sensio Cool White Primo 5M Clip LED Flexible Strip mounted with plinth.

Cut and reconnect up to 50 times!

  • This customisable flexible strip allows you to illuminate several areas of a room using just one strip.
  • Supplied as a 5m reel.
  • The strip can be cut every 100mm: scissor marks on the product indicate where it's suitable to cut.
  • The strip has connection points every 100mm. When cutting the strip and reconnecting or connecting the first strip; slide the strip into the clip connector so the connectors sit under the 2 prongs and push down the clip head. (Ensure the polarity is correct as you do this).
  • Each reel is supplied with 3M self-adhesive backing and silicone fixing clips for secure installation.
  • Use this versatile product for a variety of applications.
  • All you need to install is a 5m Primo reel, driver connection lead(s) – one per run of strips and a LED driver.
  • Starter kits include a 30W driver and driver connection lead.
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