Ion 5 CCT LED Flexible Strip

Cousin to the wider Ion 8, Ion 5 benefits from a slimmer width at just 5mm.

  • A high number of LEDs per metre greatly reduces the appearance of visible LEDs providing a premium light output
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) allows the perfect light temperature selection and transition from warm to cool white temperatures
  • Supplied with pre-soldered, 1.5m driver connection cables with a 4-pin connector at each end of the strip
  • Can be cut to length (at 50mm intervals) with both ends of the strip being utilised (additional cut-offs cannot be reused)
  • VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape backing for secure installation
  • Flexible strip option only (SE10755P0) requires the Sensio CCT receiver (SE771990) and Universal Remote Control (SE770390) to control and dim the lights.
  • Smart Kit (SE10755PS1) includes a 30W Smart driver
  • Remote Kit (SE10755P1) includes a 30W driver, receiver and remote control
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