Flux RGB CCT LED Flexible Strip

A fully customisable, flexible strip light to suit any style, mood or atmosphere

  • A combination of RGB and CCT provides the ultimate colour changing solution enabling colours to be mixed and matched to create millions of combinations
  • Features 24 pre-set RGB colours and 11 shades of white (CCT)
  • Colours can be set individually or RGB colours can be mixed with the CCT colours to create a multitude of different shades
  • Each colour can also be dimmed to achieve further customisation
  • A high number of LEDs per metre significantly reduces the appearance of individual points of light
  • Cut marks are indicated every 142.5mm on the back of the strip
  • VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive tape backing for secure installation
  • Supplied with driver lead attached to both ends
  • Starter kit includes a 30W driver, receiver and remote

Requires the Sensio RGB-CCT receiver (SE770990) and Universal Remote Control (SE770390).

Flux RGB Flexible Light can also be used on its own with the SE405595 Titan Smart driver

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