Radiant Diffused LED Flexible Strip

A diffused, bendable, silicone flexible strip light ideal for application across the kitchen or bedroom.

  • No visible LED dots
  • Discreet, slimline 4mm width
  • Driver connection cables pre-soldered at either end of the strip so two lengths can be used from the same reel if required
  • Cut marks are indicated every 50mm on the back of the strip
  • Ideal for a flush, recessed finish with a simple push-fit application
  • Can be surface mounted with the use of the clear mounting brackets (6 supplied with 3000mm and 10 supplied with 5000mm reels)
  • Supplied end caps provide a clean and IP rated finish to cut ends
  • Able to navigate around curves on island units and cabinetry
  • Compatible with Sensio dimmable receivers
  • Supplied in a 5m reel (3m reel available in Natural White only)
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