MoveBin Undersink Unit

MoveBin is a new concept to take advantage of under-sink unit space.

  • Automatic lid with damper included.
  • When the lid is down, it can be used also as a work surface, for holding a bin for waste disposal during food preparation.
  • The mechanism allows for a 70° opening of the lid, which then closes automatically. To remove the bins it is possible to open the lid manually to 90°.
  • Drawer space behind the bin unit can be used for additional storage i.e. cleaning materials
  • Ease of waste collection and separation for recycling purposes.
  • The automatic lid with its rubber tailor-made bag stoppers, lid seal and carbon filters, prevents odours from escaping.
  • Easily cleaned and maintained: the single metal unit at the base of the unit is removable and easily cleaned.
  • Instructions for installation into a range of drawer systems, including Blum Legrabox and Blum Tandembox.
  • Minimum 450mm nominal length drawer box
  • Maximum C height drawer box
  • 355mm minimum drawer front height
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