SensioPower Bluetooth Power System with Shelf

SensioPower Bluetooth Power System with Shelf: This product has everything you need for modern kitchen. All these features in one small, attractive package:

  • Two power sockets
  • Bluetooth audio speaker
  • Two USB ports
  • Shelf to mount iPad/Tablet or cookbook
  • Cabinet or wall mounted
  • Can be used without the shelf

SensioPower R: The perfect discreet single socket power solution.

  • 1 x power and 2 x USB ports for mobile phone and iPod charging.
  • The fitting can also be used in the side panel of an island.
  • Neat finish. The lip of the product which sits on top of the work surface is only 5mm.
  • The depth of the lid itself is only 1mm.
  • The hinged lid is magnetised and simply lifts up. The lid will remain upright until closed if mounted in a worktop.
  • Illuminated red power icon provides a simple means of indicating whether there is power being supplied to the product.
  • Suitable for use in kitchens, bedrooms or home office.
  • 13A plug included.
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