Compact 2 Multi-Point LED Flexible Strip

With its high lumen output per metre and IP54 rating the Compact 2 flexible strip has a wide variety of uses; its tightly compact number of diodes are designed to create a beam of solid light that is great for glossy floors.

Self-adhesive 3M tape on back for simple installation
  • Male and female ends allows strips to be joined together for longer runs
  • Can be cut to length (every 50mm)
  • Cut the strip ONCE and re-use the cut off section using cut joining connector (SE90317HD)
  • Suitable for use in multiple areas - including Plinth, Over / Under Cabinets
  • Run 10m from one 60W driver
  • IP54 rated - Limited ingress of dust permitted and protected against sprays from any angle, e.g. splashes of water
  • 50,000 hours lamp life
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