RGB Colour Changing LED Strip Lighting

Sensio RGB Colour Changing LED Strip Lighting with Sensio RGB remote control.
  • Self-adhesive 3M tape backing allows for quick and simple installation.
  • 7 pre-set colours of the RGB (cool white, violet, yellow, cyan, green, red and blue).
  • The perfect product to create mood lighting: either set to one of the 7 colours, or select the colour change options.
  • Male and female ends on the strip allow you to create the length required.
  • The strip can be cut to length: scissor marks on the product indicate where it's suitable to cut.
  • Use the RGB remote control to create the effect or choose the colour that is perfect for you at the touch of a dial.
  • All you need to install is an adequate amount of flexible strips, driver connection lead(s) - one per run of strips, driver, RGB remote control and a receiver.
  • Run a maximum length of 12m from one 60W driver.
  • When using the RGB remote control, each new run of RGB strip lighting requires a driver and a receiver; however multiple receivers can be controlled via one remote control.
  • Starter kit includes a 30W driver, receiver and remote.
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