Compact Multi-Point LED Flexible Strip

Sensio Cool White Compact Multi-Point LED Flexible Strip mounted with plinth.

More diodes, closer together - no dark spots

  • A higher number of diodes per flexible strip means there are minimal dark spots. This provides a nicer finish when used on a plinth in a room with a glossy floor finish or in an aluminium profile.
  • Self-adhesive 3M tape backing allows for quick and simple installation.
  • Male and female ends on the strip allow you to create the length required.
  • The strip can be cut to length: scissor marks on the product indicate where it's suitable to cut (every 65mm).
  • Re-use a cut section of the strip ONCE using the mini-cut connector (SE90317HD).
  • Use this product for a variety of applications: on the plinth, on the underside of the bed, above cabinets/wardrobes to up-light the ceiling to name a few.
  • All you need to install is an adequate amount of flexible strips, driver connection lead(s) – one per run of strips and a LED driver.
  • Run 8m from one 50W driver.
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