Quadra Pro Colour Temperature Changeable

The Quadra Pro is a stylish under cabinet light that offers superb light output. It is at the forefront of modern technology, offering two control configurations depending on which models are chosen:

  • Configuration 1: A run of Quadra Pro lights (children) are installed with a Quadra Pro IR as the parent light. The user then controls the parent light with hand commands.
  • Configuration 2: A run of Quadra Pro lights (children) connect directly to a DuoFlex Receiver and are then controlled with the 3-ln-1 Remote Control.

Both control configurations enable the user to choose from a wide spectrum of 2900K – 6000K to get their desired colour temperature. Configuration 2 also enables all of the features associated with the 3-In-1 Remote control such as dimming and zone lighting.

  • Plug and Play technology allows multiple fittings to be daisychained together.
  • Has a wide beam angle of 120° which fills cabinets or work surfaces.
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