Nico 240V SLS Surface / Recessed Light

Sensio Nico 240V SLS Surface spot light.

Anyone can install the Nico when using the 6 way distributor block, no need for an electrician. The 240V SLS fitting is attractive, sleek and so simple to install.

  • Surface Light Source (SLS) products are LED fittings with no visible LED points.
  • This fitting runs at 240V so no driver is required.
  • Extremely simple to install if you use the 6 way distribution block. Simply connect up to 6 of the Nico fittings into the ports on the distributor block and connect this directly to the mains.
  • This fitting can be dimmed when used with a trailing edge dimmer.
  • Spacer included, fitting can be surface mounted or recessed.
  • Small, compact unit, with a connector small enough to fit through an 8mm hole.
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