Dimming Receiver / Remote Control

This LED dimming remote control is the ultimate LED lighting control accessory. Purchase the remote, receiver(s) and driver(s) seperately to create a customisable lighting control system for the perfect kitchen lighting scheme.

Create or choose the lighting level that is perfect for you at the touch of a button.

Multiple functions of the dimmer:

  • Dim to the lowest light level - press the left hand button once
  • Set to full brightness - press the right hand button once
  • Select the desired light level by turning the dial
  • On/off switching - press the middle button
  • Memory function of the performance before last switched off
  • There is no limit on the number of receivers which can be controlled via one remote control. All receivers within a 15m range of the remote can be controlled via a single remote
  • One receiver is required for each driver (connected to the lights you wish to control)
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