Painted Doors

Vienna Painted Doors in Cooking Apple Green

Painted furniture doors open up a whole world of design possibilities, combining the options of made to measure sizes with a huge range of colour options to create the ultimate level of customisation.

Our painted door range falls into two categories;

1) Made to Measure, offering a select range of styles from the Aspire collection

2) Avanti painted, offering selected styles from our Avanti stocked door range.

Each and every door is beautifully hand finished, sanding the product down in between every coat to make the finish as smooth and flat as possible.

A Wide Choice of Paints

Here is just a small selection of the many colours available from standard palettes such as RAL Classic, BS 381C, BS 5252 and popular manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball

Picture Gallery Red
Terra Brown
Mirage II
Bold Red
Turquoise Blue
China Clay Mid
Basalt Grey
Luminous Green
Loft White
Dorchester Pink
Farrow’s Cream
Pale lavender / Haze / Dove
Traffic Red
Rape Yellow
Poppy / Carnival red
Air Force Blue
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