Aspects PerfectSense

Aspects PerfectSense doors come with a premium-feel surface that makes a bold statement of luxury.

PerfectSense Gloss doors come with a smooth and flawless surface which results in a new level of reflection that allows you to create the kind of high-end look that was previously only achievable by using glass or acrylic.

Contrasting our gloss range, the velvet surface of PerfectSense Matt is the complete opposite to the high gloss surfaces and has been developed to meet the growing demand for high-quality, soft-look finishes that are starting to appear in homes. Available in a range of neutral colours, the special No-Fingerprint finish prevents smudges and smears appearing on even the most tactile of areas, such as handleless doors.

PerfectSense features 23 decors

Click a swatch to see more details & roomsets featuring the selected decor or view gallery of decors

Alabaster - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Alabaster - PerfectSense (Matt)
Alpine White - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Alpine White - PerfectSense (Matt)
Black - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Black - PerfectSense (Matt)
Cashmere - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Cashmere - PerfectSense (Matt)
Chilli Red - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Crema - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Crema - PerfectSense (Matt)
Dust Grey - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Dust Grey - PerfectSense (Matt)
Graphite Grey - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Graphite Grey - PerfectSense (Matt)
Light Grey - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Light Grey - PerfectSense (Matt)
Macassar - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Pearl Grey - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Stone Grey - PerfectSense (Gloss)
Stone Grey - PerfectSense (Matt)
White - PerfectSense (Gloss)
White - PerfectSense (Matt)
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